Friday, February 28, 2014

A Rising Tide Lifts...One Boat

Top 10 reasons we should all go see Russell Crowe as Noah next month:
  1. The movie is directed by the director of Black Swan -- clearly, someone who understands animals.
  2. Great date flick -- that is, a great movie to view in pairs.
  3. Neither Bill Nye nor Ken Ham were consulted in the making of this film.
  4. It was painful to watch Crowe fight the wild beasts in Gladiator, and now it will be heart-warming to watch him make up with them.
  5. Crowe, to my knowledge, doesn't sing in this one (‪#‎Putting‬-the-"Misery"-in-Les-Mis).
  6. If you beg her, your church youth group leader might pay for the ticket.
  7. Fortunately, everyone's forgotten Waterworld by now.
  8. There's a happy of.
  9. This film continues the venerable Hollywood tradition in which older male leads are paired with much younger female actors: Emily Watson's character clocks in at a youthful 350 years old.
  10. Marvel Comics films, eat your heart out! I'd like to see Magneto pull off something like a world-wide flood.

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